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Dental Office Staffing:

In business since 1993, Dental Matchmakers, Inc. has accrued an extensive list of competent and experienced temporary dental professionals who flourish as temporary dental staff.

Dental Matchmakers, Inc. referrals are available at a moments notice to keep your office running smoothly when your regular staff call in sick, are on vacation, or go on maternity leave. Our response time to your need is often just a matter of minutes. Dental Matchmakers, Inc. offers you experienced dental staff ready to pitch in almost instantly!

Dental Employment, Temporary or Permanent:

  • Do you have day(s) that you would like to make additional income on top of your regular income?
  • Are you looking for temporary work that will provide you with the flexibility you need?
  • Do you just need to fill in the income gap when your dentist goes on vacation?
  • Do you just need a change?

Dental Matchmakers, Inc. has the right job for YOU!

I am a 3rd generation Colorado Native and love spending  time outdoors in the beautiful Colorado Rockies. I enjoy tending to my flowers and veggies, walking, crafts and reading. I especially love to spend time with my family and my precious grandchildren.


It’s been such a pleasure serving your dental needs and helping staff find jobs since the 1990’s.¬† I’ve been so privileged to work with all of you over the past 20+ years!


Happy Smiles!